the split of the moon
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Anas ibn Abbas said : "The moon was split during the Prophet's period (peace be upon him and his progeny)"
people in Arabia saw it getting split but Macca people didn't believe it and said: "Mohammad has bewitched us"; then some of them said: wait for what the travelers say, for Mohammad can't bewitched all the people. And in the next day, they asked who came to Macca from other lands, and they also confirmed that the moon was split.

Other people outside Arabia saw that too.

People may say that it is possible and the world have seen Brox Meteor get split in 1889 and Bella meteor in 1846.
as an answer we say: "the difference between the moon and these two meteors is that they didn't heal and unite again; but the moon got healed, and this is the difference between the astronomical phenomenon and the astronomical miracle.

and the miracle goes away by the end of its need or purpose, and if it it continues , it would be a natural phenomenon and no longer a miracle


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