benefits & drawbacks of immigration
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As well all know not every country in the world is equal in terms of economic power and technological development. There are rich countries with advanced technologies and there are poor countries that barely know how to use a computer.

Every year, millions of people make difficult and risky decisions to leave their home countries for a new nation.

Motivations for leaving vary. Some leave for a work or study opportunity, some to unite with their families, and some to explore the world.  Let’s not forget the asylum seekers who are just trying to find peace and happiness, who are tired of waking up every morning and thinking that a bomb might go off in front of them or a terrorist might attack them.

Anyhow, immigration is a huge global issue in today’s world, if you look at the numbers, there is an estimated 191 million immigrants in the world, this number has doubled in the last 50 years.

Now there are multiple benefits of emigrating to another country but at the same time you are leaving your culture, and in most cases your family as well.

Immigration can have positive and negative impacts on both the recipient country, and the original country.

The recipient country is usually an industrialized country in Western Europe, or the United States. For these countries, immigrants offer various benefits such as the following:

  • Immigrants will often do jobs that people in the host country will not, or cannot do;
  • Migrant workers often work longer hours and for lower salaries, and while that is controversial, it benefits the host country;
  • Immigrants contribute to the diversity of the host country’s society, making it globally known and appreciated;
  • For the host country’s economy, immigrants offer an increased talent pool, if they have been well educated in their original country.

But there are also numerous drawbacks:

  • Immigration can become a social/political issue, where racism can be used to exploit feelings or as an excuse for current miseries of local population;
  • There is a perception that immigrants and refugees appear to get more benefits than local poor people, so tensions and hostilities can also rise;
  • Concerns about illegal immigration can spill over to ill-feelings towards the majority of immigrants who are law-abiding and contributing to the economy;
  • Many die trying to flee their difficulty, and this can often make sensational headlines giving the appearance that immigration is largely illegal and out of control.
  • Immigration can attract criminal elements.

In a poll on immigration conducted for ITV News in the UK several years ago, some interesting observations were made:

  • 73% of people thought too many immigrants were allowed into the UK – and just 3% believed that not enough were allowed;
  • 75% believe immigrants put a strain on public services;
  • 39% of people believed immigrants bring disease to the UK;
  • 25% felt migrants make Britain a thriving multicultural society;

Hence, it is evident that most people from the recipient country don’t support immigration.

However looking at it through the Islamic perspective,

Allah says in the Holy Quran al-Nisa Verse 97:

“Indeed, those whom the angels take [in death] while wronging themselves - [the angels] will say, "In what [condition] were you?" They will say, "We were oppressed in the land." The angels will say, "Was not the earth of Allah spacious [enough] for you to emigrate therein?"

So Islam does encourage immigration as long as you keep your faith and principles firm.

If you’re living a harsh life in your country, then by all means go seek knowledge and work in a job you’ve wish for. Prophet Muhammad said, “Seek knowledge, even if in China”

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