5 steps to organize your children`s expenses
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We often might spoil our children to a degree if we restrain from giving them their daily allowance, they begin to act stubborn, cry and feel upsept. Thus if this habit is not controlled, we may result in .... bad habit. 

The motive of giving our children their allowance emenates from our excess emotions and our love towards them to make them feel happy. However, the outcome of this may not be a positive one.


Restraining from giving their allowance won't be easy, however it must be controlled...
Here are some steps to help you!
1) explain to your children in detail that:
Lawfully earned money is attained only through a lawful work style; which is not obtained easily. 
We must also avoid wasting money, because "the wasteful are brothers of the devils" (17:27)


2) Allocate a monthly budget for each of your children and divide it among the days of the week according to their needs. 
Warning them, that they do not spend accordingly, or they waste their money, then they will not recieve the rest of their allowance.

3) Help your children to identify their daily, weekly, monthly and yearly needs so they may spend their income accordingly and not waste it. 


4) Inform everyone in the house about your plan and motive to help your children organize their spending so they may not ruin your budget program.



5) Restrain from cash gifts and if they happen to recieve any, help them to spend the money according to their personal budget.  
Following up along with continuous monitoring and thoughtful organization will result in a stable and balanced life for us and our children.
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