My wife is stubborn … what shall I do ?
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My wife is stubborn … what shall I do ?

Stubbornness is a natural reaction in life toward the unknown situations which there is no experience to handle them, like you ask someone to drive a car for the first time, or to do things that are on contrary with his interests, or when he knows the dangers and consequences of an action or when he is asked to leave what has benefits for the future .

And family life is full of interaction that drives the wife or husband to be stubborn ,

And there are husbands complaining  about wives stubbornness !

So is it real that there is a stubborn wife ?

Stubbornness  can be a weapon that the wife use to face the stiffness and hardness of the husband, so she tries to prove herself by stubbornness , so it’s a road she takes when there isn’t any other .

So don’t be hard to her dear husband, for you may haven’t listened to her well.

Don’t be stubborn and hide behind silence , for this is not a good way to prove your point , and don’t be as a child who draws stubbornness on the face.

Explain … show your point and explain what you think to make your husband and who are around you , why do you insist on your point .

Your stubbornness can be explained to be a negative reaction , and become without sense , thinking or maturity , and becomes negative stubbornness .

Indeed there are wives who gets stubborn for nothing just that she wants that .

It is your right to “don’t want” if you were in your father’s house !

But; now you are your husband’s partner and maybe carry the responsibility of a family , so your stubbornness hurts everybody and disturb the calmness of the family and makes them anxious , specially your husband.

We present husbands with some useful advices that can help reduce the negative stubborn  situations and change it to a positive stubbornness :

First: make your wife sure that you don’t mean (controlling) by ordering , and prove that by canceling some of them .

Second : show her love and respect for her personality by listening to what she says and want to explain about a subject .

Third : don’t ignore her convictions , and explain the reasons clearly and truthfully , for you are not in the military , but in front of a female , a body full of feelings and sensitive emotions .

Fourth : never accept and agree a lot … for repeating apologies will make her think that her stubbornness worked .

Fifth : stubborn wives shouldn’t count on the calmness and forgiveness of their husbands in order not to ruin their temper and leads to bad consequences .

Sixth : a wife may use stubbornness effected by her husband’s attitude , for she acts according to his stubbornness as a reaction , or that can be a behave that she gained or a way to make him comply , so review your attitude with her .

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