Al Kafeel Hospital sends a medical and therapeutic team to the injured protesters in Dhi Qar.
3:16:38 2019-12-03 558

The Al Kafeel Specialized Hospital, affiliated with the Al Abbas Shrine, announced the sending of a medical and therapeutic assistance convoy accompanied by a medical team of various specialties to the injured protesters in Dhi Qar province, injured in following recent events, and are currently being treated at the Al Hussein Educational Hospital (peace on him) in the province, including critical cases.


This initiative is part of a series of previous humanitarian initiatives for the hospital, and the continuation of its services since its inception and as part of the program (doctors without pay).


The hospital administration stated that: "Based on the cases present at the hospital, a medical and therapeutic framework of different specialties has been sent to contribute to the treatment of the large numbers of injured, and to attempt to send critical cases to Al Kafeel Hospital in Karbala to ensure that the necessary measures are taken."


It should be noted that the Al Abbas Shrine provided a number of services in support of the protesters, including:


  • Preparing thousands of meals at the restaurant host of the shrine of St. Al Abbas, and are sent with special vehicles and distributed in place.
  • Distribution of thousands of cups of drinking water.
  • Distribution of fruit juice, fruit and tea at different times of the day.
  • Send specialized wheels for cleaning with a frame to help clean up the gathering place and its surroundings.
  • Opening of a number of water points on the perimeter of the square to provide drinking water to protesters.
  • The treatment of all cases, whether by protesters or by security forces at Al Kafeel Hospital and free of charge.
  • Open a tent for training and medical ambulance.
  • Sending convoys of logistical assistance to support protesters in Baghdad's Tahrir Square.


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