Al Kafeel Hospital provides medical care to critical cases of protesters in Karbala
8:44:7 2019-11-28 257

Ambulances affiliated with the Al Kafeel Specialized Hospital have an important and important role in transporting injured protesters to the city of Karbala, transporting dozens of wounded people to hospital for treatment.


Some cases arriving at medical detachments located near al Tarbiya Square center of protests in Karbala, require their urgent transport to the hospital because they have reached a critical level requiring further treatment.


Ambulances affiliated with the Al Kafeel Specialized Hospital remain near medical detachments until late hours at night, in order to receive any cases requiring urgent transport to the hospital.


It should be noted that the Al Kafeel Specialized Hospital, affiliated with the St. Al Abbas Shrine (p), has provided and continues to provide free medical and therapeutic services to injured protesters in Karbala, receiving cases sent to him, hospital having assigned medical and nursing staff working alternately to treat injured protesters.

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