10700 groups from 21 countries to serve pilgrims and commemorate Arbaeen
7:22:43 2019-10-15 53

The Department of Hussein Rituals — formed by the Imam Hussein and the Al-Abbas Shrines — announced the number of the volunteer service groups recently arrived in Karbala to commemorate the Arba’een Pilgrimage to Imam Hussein.


Head of the department Reyadh Ne’meh Selman said in an interview, “The number of the volunteer service groups registered at the Department of Hussein Rituals has reached 10700 — including groups coming from 21 Arab and foreign countries; those groups vary from volunteer service to Arba’een mourning processions.”


Selman added that a plan was set — in cooperation with the Headquarters of Karbala Police Department — to legally register the volunteer service groups.


The department — in cooperation with the concerned agencies — prepared certain ways and locations for the volunteer service groups in downtown Karbala to facilitate the mourning processions’ traffic, so they don’t impede pilgrims’ traffic, as well as setting up a daily schedule for the mourning processions to enter the two shrines,” mentioned Selman.


Source: Imamhussain.org

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