10 Ways to End Poverty
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BOONE, N.C. — There are hundreds of theories on how to end global poverty. While some have worked, others have not. However, the one thing that is certain is our responsibility to do something. Here are 10 potential ways to end poverty worldwide.


  1. Enhance economic growth with targeted action

In order to end extreme poverty, the benefits attained by economic growth need to be shared with the poorest people.


  1. End all forms of poverty

Ending poverty is not just about people’s income, but also their access to things like water, health, education, housing and security.


  1. Commit national governments to end extreme poverty

Governments in developing countries should commit to lifting their citizens above the poverty line. This needs to be underpinned by national mechanisms that target and support people living in


  1. Develop national poverty reduction plans

Governments in developing countries must follow through with their commitment to action through national poverty reduction plans. Strategic approaches to ending extreme poverty should enable public, private and aid resources to be allocated and used.


  1. Access to credit

Access to credit in poor countries can help create sustainable industries that combat poverty, as well as help develop nations.


  1. Continue to support the poorest people through aid

Aid helps to create favorable conditions for citizens of poorer countries, and catalyzes other resources for ending poverty like private investment and development finance.


  1. Equal education

Children need education to attain the knowledge and life skills they need to realize their full potential. Equal education helps to break down barriers that prevent many children — and girls in particular — from attending school.


  1. Access to health care

It is important for governments to build health clinics, train health care workers and invest in equipment and medicine so children can grow up healthy and strong.


  1. Water sanitation

Access to clean water is essential for every person’s survival. It is important to build school latrines, community water points and organizations to ensure the continued management and maintenance of water points.


  1. Teach children about their rights and how to take active roles within their community

Child participation helps children engage in citizenship, express their views and make decisions that will shape their future and influence the people around them.

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