5 keys to a successful friendship
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In order to start true friendships based on strong relationships you must adhere to the 5 entry keys into the world of friendship:


The first key: Do not be random in building relationships and avoid two things: socializing with anyone without knowing who they are – and being among a crowd without assessing their reputation.


The second key: If you want to choose a friend from among your surroundings, you must test him through his style whether he is courteous morals or bad morals.


Third key: In order to discover his sincerity, pay attention to his speech, the one that lies will show it over time. In this situation, the element of time is very important in the discovery of other people's honesty.


The fourth key: His fairness and love for good. Pay attention to him when an argument or misunderstanding happens between you, does his anger get out of control and begings to disrespect you?


The fifth key: Supporting you in your prosperity and your success.

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