The importance of consultation in decision making
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Perhaps the basic step is to agree to consult in our relations by making a decision through mutual sources to inspire a decision, whether it is personal, professional, or in any other form. When you consult in order to inspire a decision, you must be serious, realistic, and objective. The real motive is your enthusiasm to help your partner or whomever you consult with when you make a decision in which you are certain that it or your project will reach the best it should be, advice should be based on exchanging viewpoints for the purpose of arriving at a correct decision.

Imam Ali, peace be upon him, says: “share some opinions with others, and the right thing will emerge from it.”

Here are several points to make a successful decision through consultation:

First: Ask someone whose thinking you trust. Do not rely on one person for advice, rely on what is needed to make the decision according to different situations and look for a person you trust.

Second: The advisor must be characterized by reason, meaning that he has the ability to manage matters, and he does not necessarily have to have an academic level. A clear mind means that the advisor has good management of matters, pays attention to their advantages and warnings, and considers their consequences.

Third: The advisor must be characterized by forbearance. A patient person who is broad-minded, careful, and not disturbed in his thinking and feelings, gives you an opinion resulting from long thought and deliberation; because the meticulous person does not rush things.

Fourth: You must know him as an advisor who will not deceive you. The advisor is the one who is loving and sincere and desires what is good for us. The person whom you would like to consult may be sane, but he does not desire good for you out of envy and hatred, or he has unclean intentions, therefore you should beware of someone whose advice is not sound.

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