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If ties between people are not based on a sense of security towards others, no formalities and courtesies will work.

The rapprochement, no matter how intimate it may seem in crises, and the individuals show interaction and harmony, has no value unless there is mutual trust!

Social relations grow and expand through the diversity of human, religious and moral ties and activities... including: trusteeship.

The feeling of security in any relationship and connection is the basis of every relationship and communication, and in the absence of this feeling, our relationships will be ruled by turmoil, doubt, fear, loss of rights, and the control of evil people...

Trusteeship is the water of life for the continuity of communication, and it is the air for the continuation of our social life. If the employee, worker, or grocer loses the quality of trusteeship, the system of moral values will collapse in institutions, departments, and markets, and corruption, embezzlement, fraud, and lack of credibility will prevail!

If trusteeship disappears in social relationships such as friendship, partnership, travel trips, etc.; Life will taste bitter because of the anxiety and turmoil that threatens our dealings. Blessing will diminish, peace and reassurance will be lacking. Problems, accusations, and quarrels will increase. No one will trust anyone.

Therefore, the Messenger of Allah (may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family) who despises trust is considered outside the circle of people of faith and piety. A believer is someone to whom people have entrusted themselves with their money, their lives, and their honor.”

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