Four reasons that may lead to feeling bored
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Monotony and routine are imposed by the reality of our working and social lives.

Boredom is the negative feeling that results from immersion in the monotony of daily programming and work routine.

We appear bored and lazy, and we want to ask for time off from work for the purpose of relaxation and rest, as we feel psychological fatigue and the pressure of various responsibilities.

In fact, there is a reason behind the feeling of boredom

Its causes can be limited to four things:

The first: negligence in worship and a lack of relationship with Allah Almighty, as activity in worship and a strong connection with Allah Almighty protects a person from depression and boredom in life {Whoever does good, whether male or female, and is a believer, We will surely bless them with a good life, and We will certainly reward them according to the best of their deeds.} [Al-Nahl: 97]

Start organizing your worship and pay attention to reciting the Qur’an and contemplating it. It is best to acquire a booklet with brief worship programs that you carry with you so that you can follow its program.

Second: Repetition of the same action: Our contemporary life has systems that create boredom because of the laws that established the priority of production in the work of organizations and institutions. This harmed the psychological state of the employee and created a negative feeling in him about his job work to the point that he rejoices in vacations and breaks as a result of psychological pressure. Institutions around the world call for the need to provide means that make the organization and work enjoyable for the employee and relieve pressure from him: such as a system of incentives, travel, or breaks, all for the purpose of getting rid of the employee’s routine and boredom and renewing his activity.

Third: Not investing the time required for some work: many people feel bored while standing in line waiting, for example.

And during travel and also in crowding... so time passes very slowly?! If he had occupied his time with something useful, such as reading, contemplating, listening to lectures on various topics, or having fruitful conversations with his friend, he would not have felt bored.

Fourth: Isolation from society: The human need for connection with others is very necessary, and the development of technological means of life may be seen by some as obviating the need for contact with others and sitting with them, but this is an illusion. The need for a friend or a group of friends to spend some time with is considered a psychological stimulant and a source of pleasure.


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