Preparing the child to face new situations
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The most important educational skill is preparing your child for new confrontations and situations, explaining to him how to behave in them, and training him in them at home before facing them in the outside world. Despite everything, you are aware of things and can navigate many social situations, so you must show your child how to navigate them. If you do this in a safe environment, your child will eventually be able to apply those skills in more difficult situations and can expect to succeed in the outside world, because he succeeded on his own at home.

For example, one hairdresser explains how his parents' lack of social experience had an impact on him: “When I was young, I had a role model for shyness and introversion: my father. "With pathological altruism. I think I learned some very inappropriate psychological defense tricks from my father and mother, who were not in my life emotionally and all they showed was anger."

Before you engage in an activity that you feel might be a challenge for your child, talk to him about what he can expect to happen – who you will meet, what you will do and why. If you are going to a large family gathering or party with friends and neighbors, for example, take out some photographs and tell your child some stories about the people who will be attending the party. You should also refresh his memory and remind him of some rules for dealing with others in a polite manner, such as saying: “Let’s practice shaking hands” or “What do you say when you meet someone you don’t know for the first time?”

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