The purpose of life in the modern world
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In the world of industrial progress, human and moral values have lost their true meaning, and the goal of life in the eyes of societies is no longer anything other than achieving a better life, more enjoyment, and satisfying psychological instincts and whims. As a result of this wrong way of thinking, the instinct of brutality and aggression was born in the depths of man, and this instinct continues to interact constantly, as the principle of cooperation for survival began to lose its place in the depths of man, to be replaced by the principle of struggle for survival, and people began to deal with each other with complete cruelty and brutality. Like wild animals.

The phenomenon of industry and the sophistication and progress it has brought to societies has brought many positives and negatives, and brought many losses and benefits to humans in various areas of life. Man has been defeated by industrial power in his struggle with nature, and the sounds of cars, planes, trains, and ships are nothing but an embodiment of man’s sovereignty on earth, on land, sea, and in the air. Under industrial development, the boundaries of man’s sovereignty have expanded, and are on their way to further expansion. Man has reached the depths of the seas. On the one hand, he was able to leave the Earth's atmosphere to think about harnessing the planets and celestial bodies, on the other hand.

The best ways to live in the light of science:

Thanks to industrial progress, man has been able to reach the dark depths of nature and reveal its secrets. He has also been able, thanks to science, to harness natural resources for himself and achieve the best ways of life.

With the development of industry, the world of microbes and germs, full of secrets, was discovered, and man came to know the sources of deadly diseases, and was able, with the weapon of science, to protect himself from many deadly diseases.

In summary, industry and all its developments have left traces in various areas of life, and have created a qualitative shift in the fields of agriculture, irrigation, dams, roads, health, economics, spinning and weaving, and other life affairs, which has provided comfort and luxury to industrial societies.

Industry and negative results:

In addition to the positive results that industry brings to humans, and the gains that societies achieve through industry, there are negative results that industry brings to humans, and these negatives appear clearly in the heinous crimes committed in war and peace.

Industrial development has contributed to people obtaining many types of deadly weapons, and in turn, this weapon has contributed to raising the fighting ability of peoples and encouraging them to commit massacres, demolish cities, and eliminate civilization. Indeed, during World War II, man committed all these heinous practices and crimes because of the deadly weapons that he only obtained through industry.

Threats threatening humanity:

More important than all of what we have mentioned is that there are dangers threatening humanity as a result of the progress achieved by the natural sciences and automated industries on the one hand, and the weakness of faith and moral principles on the other hand. This is what drives some scholars and thinkers to doubt the usefulness of the progress of the natural sciences in ensuring human happiness, as they believe that the person who invented the atomic bomb created the causes of his destruction, as this great scientific achievement could lead to the elimination of human life within a short period.

“Russell says: The manufacture of the atomic bomb and what surpasses it in terms of destructive power, that is, the hydrogen bomb, has raised an atmosphere of fear and anxiety in the souls of people, and has also raised more skepticism about the effects of scientific results on people’s lives, to the point that some opinion leaders, including (Einstein) In their thinking to confirm that there is a danger threatening the Earth with annihilation).

 “In another book of his, Russell says: There are people, including Einstein, who believe in the possibility that man has extended his lifespan, and may succeed within a few years in eliminating himself because of the amazing scientific achievements he has achieved”.

Promoting principles of ethics:

“Lecomte Dunoy” says: Today, when all of humanity is threatened by the danger of mass destruction as a result of the use of atomic energy, people have begun to realize that the only way to their salvation is to strengthen the principles of human morality. This is the first time in human history that a person fears an achievement he achieved with his intelligence, and is confused about the soundness of his position.”

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