Make your personality attractive
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Your personality achieves a lot for you, so attractiveness and dynamism can make others love you.

1- Make your steps daring, confident of yourself, and your eyes looking forward to the goal of what you can achieve for yourself and by yourself.

2- Shake hands with others firmly, and avoid shaking hands with soft hands, as it is a characteristic of those who are not confident in themselves, as well as avoid shaking hands with very strong hands, as others may feel that you are either an arrogant and authoritarian person or that you deceive them with your strength of personality and lack confidence in yourself,

Raise your head up, straighten your shoulders, and walk at a confident pace.

3- Make the tone of your voice express confidence so that it reaches people before your thoughts. Speak with a voice that reflects courage, clearly and without hesitation.

4- Be courteous. If you want people to like you, be passionate about them. Never let your tongue betray you. Being able to speak with courtesy increases your sweetness and increases your influence on people regardless of their differences.

5- Add the characteristic of enthusiasm to your personality and act with enthusiasm.

6- You have to be patient with the opinions and ideas that you do not agree with, because one of the secrets of an attractive personality is to listen consciously with appreciation and sympathy for the opinions of others, and to accept others and let them be relaxed when they are with you.

7- Be of a decent appearance, for a decent appearance earns you self-respect and a sense of confidence and reassurance.

8- Others should know that you value them and appreciate their value, treat them on the basis that they have a value for you, and always thank them, and make them feel that you appreciate them.

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