Levels of intellect and intelligence
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By measuring the levels of intelligence and intellect in children and young people compared to their age, they can be divided into three categories: normal, above normal, and below normal. The normal one among them is the one whose natural age matches his mental age almost or increases or decreases a little, as he does not possess a supernatural mind and does not suffer from mental retardation, and he can pass the test designated for his age. An extraordinary person is someone who possesses a supernatural mind and enjoys intelligence that exceeds his age and sometimes helps him pass a test intended for someone who is twice his age. As for the sub-normal individual, he is the one whose degree of intellect is less than his age. Such an individual suffers from stupidity and mental retardation, which sometimes hinders them from passing a test intended for people who do not exceed half their age.

Underdevelopment has degrees, and in the lowest of these degrees, a fifteen-year-old boy may be unable to do what a four-year-old child can do.

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