Fears of migrations because of drought
8:46:4 2023-03-25 98

The parliamentary representing Najaf Governorate, Muhammad Anouz, warned, of the dangers of an unprecedented drought, with the increasing decline in water levels in central and southern Iraq due to the lack of water releases from the upstream countries.

In an interview with Al-Maalouma Agency, Anouz said, "The drought struck the central and southern cities and caused land degradation," noting that "the cause of the problems is extreme weather phenomena."

He added, "The drought not only affects the agricultural sector, but also represents a serious threat to basic human rights," noting that "the next summer season heralds a new drought wave that will hit the center and south of the country, which will increase the threats regarding population migration."

He explained that "Iraq suffers from a scarcity of water imports, which has reduced the release of reservoirs towards the central and southern governorates."

The Ministry of Water Resources had announced the implementation of a major campaign to remove mud deposits from Shatt al-Rumaitha to secure water access to the liquefaction stations and river tails in Muthanna.

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