Artemis Rocket
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NASA’s Artemis Rocket Launches Toward Moon on Mighty Columns of Flame

The uncrewed mission overcame scrubbed launches, hurricanes and late launchpad drama to kick off a key test of the ability to send astronauts back to the moon.


The Space Launch System and Orion capsule lift off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Wednesday morning, sending NASA’s Artemis I mission toward the moon.Credit...

NASA’s majestic new rocket soared into space for the first time in the early hours of Wednesday, lighting up the night sky and accelerating on a journey that will take an astronaut-less capsule around the moon and back.

This flight, evoking the bygone Apollo era, is a crucial test for NASA Artemis program that aims to put astronauts, after five decades of loitering in low-Earth orbit, back on the moon.

More than 50 years ago, the United States built a monster of a rocket. It was named Saturn V, and it was NASA’s ride to the moon. It sent nine crews of astronauts toward the moon and also lifted Skylab, the first American space station, to low-Earth orbit.

The second stage has already performed a short “perigee-raising” burn, basically to raise the low point of its orbit and keep the spacecraft from falling back to Earth. The next milestone is a longer, 18-minute “translunar injection” burn that will kick Orion out of low-Earth orbit on a trajectory to the moon.

The Space Launch System is taller than a 30-story building. It was filled with 700,000 gallons of rocket propellants. It has never flown before.

Just over two minutes after leaving the ground, the two skinnier side boosters attached to the gigantic core stage of the Space Launch System exhausted their solid rocket fuel and drop away, falling into the Atlantic Ocean.

As the launch director Charlie Blackwell-Thompson cheers her team and their work at the Kennedy Space Center, NASA announces that the solar arrays of the Orion space capsule have started to deploy, a key step to providing power to the spacecraft as it travels around the moon.

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