Why we have to be patient?
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Why we have to be patient?

Some people and especially young ask do we have to be patient to get what we want?

No one doubts that patient needs enough psychological energy to be restrained, because the idea of patience is to stick to the values while feeling all the outside and inside pressure in the way of accomplishing life goals.

So it is not about relying on others or being static (as some people think), but it is about having real freedom, power, work, courage, stability, loyalty, honesty and many other values.

Patience is connected and very necessary to the self-raising on values, and that is why the patience aspect is related to religion, because religion is based on morals and values, which have patience on the top of it!

Al Imam Jaafar Al Sadeq (peace be upon him) said: “patience is like the head of faith, so when the head goes away, the body goes too, and if the patience goes away the faith leaves too “

For this reason, the modern people suffer from many psychological problems, and many think that patient means wasting time and lack of successful plan, or it is an invitation for going back and surrender! So why we have patient?

and this is why some people takes some ways to release the stress in his life by drinking alcohol , doing drugs  or following bad instincts and fulfill them with sins ,  and sometimes getting addicted to using cellphone or watching movies as a relief from reality .

And some people may choose suicide!! And it is the last step of acceptance failure or failing to adapt the real life until getting the accomplishments and crises end!

In order for a person to learn patience; he needs to look how the great Allah created the universe in six days with all his mighty, and it has a lesson and moral wisdom that life goes with possibilities and worthiness, and things can’t be done by pressing a button or swiping Aladdin lantern!

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