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There is a story says that a man named Ibn Jadaan gave in charity the most beloved of his money, and it was a camel to a poor neighbor who had seven daughters. The poor neighbor was happy, and he and his daughters drank its milk.
And when the summer came with its dryness, and the ground was cracked, Ibn Jadaan set out with the Bedouins, search for water and grass.
In Dahl, which are pits in the ground that lead to water valves, and he entered one of them to bring water to drink - and his three children outside the Dahl were waiting. He was lost under the Dahl and did not know how to get out.
And his sons waited a day, two days, and three until they despaired. They said: Perhaps a snake bit him and died, perhaps he got lost underground , so they went to the house and divided the inheritance, the middle one  stood among them and said: Do you remember our father’s camel that he gave to his neighbor, our neighbor does not deserve it.
So they took an old and sick camel to give to the neighbor in exchange for the camel. The man said: your father gave me this camel for food and drink, as the Prophet tells, so they said: Bring us the camel, it is better for you, and take this camel. He said: I will complain to your father. They said: complain to him, for he has died. He said: He died?! how did he die?And why don't I know? They said: He entered a dahl in the desert and did not come out. He said: Take me to this dahl, then take the camel and do whatever you want, and I do not want your camel.
So they took him to the place where his loyal friend entered and brought a rope and lit a torch and entered crawling until he reached a place, and he heard the man's moaning, he put his hand, and noticed that he is alive and breathing after a week of loss, he carried him outside the dahl and gave him dates and watered him and carried him on his back and brought him to His house, and the man came to life again, and his children did not know, he said: Tell me, by Allah, how you stayed a week underground and you did not die.
He said: I will tell you a strange thing. After three days, I lost hope and surrendered my will to Allah, then I felt milk flowing on my tongue, so I felt better, as if a pot of milk in the dark that I don't see it approaching my mouth, so I drunk from it. It kept coming three times every day, but two days ago it was cut off, And I don’t know why it was cut off.
He says: If i tell you the reason for this interruption, you would be amazed! 
Your children thought that you had died, and they pulled the camel that Allah used to give you to drink from, and the Muslim is in the shadow of his charity, and as he said: ((Act kindness prevents you from the bad ends )).
If the giver of charity knew the truth and imagined that his charity falls into ..... (the hand of Allah) before the hand of the poor, the pleasure of the giver would be greater than the pleasure of the recipient...

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