Global Cities reviving the Message & Rituals of Imam Hussein (PBUH)
8:55:7 2018-09-30 9

Majority of the countries across the world have witnessed the establishment of a large number of processions and activities reviving the message and rituals of Imam Hussein (PBUH) during the sorrowful days of Muharram. These rituals were not only revived by the followers of Ahlul-Bait, but  followers of various Islamic denominations and faiths.

This year witnessed the global expansion of  

Reality Of Islam

the true meaning of obedience

7:29:58   2018-08-11  

islam & tolerance

5:16:57   2018-08-09  

prophet muhammad & knowledge

9:28:44   2018-10-01  

the trench war (3rd battle)

3:43:50   2018-04-11  

the 2nd battle (uhud)

3:42:56   2018-04-11  

the 1st battle (badr)

3:41:28   2018-04-11  

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