tactile pavements
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What do tactile pavements tell us?

Ever wondered what those different bumps and lumps on the pavement mean?

Tactile paving (also called detectable warning surface) is a system of textured ground surface found on footpaths, stairs and station platforms to warn pedestrians who are visually impaired.

Tactile paving was first developed in Japan by Seiichi Miyake in 1965. It quickly spread around the world, so thanks Japan! Today it has evolved and there are a number of different types of paving to indicate different warnings.

Blister paving is used for pedestrian crossings. This surface provides a warning to someone with a visual impairment that they are at a road crossing. The surface is an essential safety feature and consists of rows of flat topped blisters in a square pattern.

Corduroy tactile paving comprises rounded bars running length ways across the direction a pedestrian is walking. The bars are 6mm high and 20mm wide. This type of surface warns visually impaired people of the presence of a specific hazard. This could be the top or bottom of stairs, a level crossing or a ramp. It is also used where a footway joins a shared route. The idea is that it highlights a potential hazard.

Again, this surface can be manufactured in any colour to provide a good contrast with the surrounding area.

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