The Integrity of a young boy.
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The Integrity of a young boy.

A young boy entered a store one day holding a coin and asked the shop owner to make a call.

The shop owner allowed him to make the call.

He pulled a small box to stand on and dialed a number, a lady picked up the phone and he greeted her and asked if he can get a job at her house, and offered to take care of her house garden.

The woman refused and said that she already has someone to do this work .

The boy offered to take half of whatever she is paying her gardner, but she also refused his porposal .

he said that he will make her garden the most beautiful garden in the world, but she refused again.

He hanged the phone, and the conversation attaracted the shop owner's attention.

The shop owner admired the boy's insisting for getting the job and said that he will give him a job in the shop.

The boy replied that he already working for this lady as a gardner and he was checking if she is satisfied with his work.




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