Al-Abbas Shrine supports protesters demanding their legitimate rights in Baghdad and Karbala
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The Shrine of Al-Abbas continues its support to the protesters of the battle for reform, claiming their legitimate rights guaranteed by the Iraqi constitution and supported by the supreme religious authority, the supporting companion takes pictures and different forms, after its support to the protesters in Karbala, and also present in the protest square in the capital Baghdad, providing food, medical and moral services.


Among these services, the sending of large quantities of water, various dry food, in the middle of a welcome and greeting of the protesters, the distribution is under the supervision of a number of servants of the holy shrine of Al-Abbas.


It should be noted that the Shrine of St. Al Abbas (p) provided a number of services in support of the protesters, including:


  • Preparing thousands of meals in the restaurant host of the shrine of St. Al Abbas (p), which are sent to them by special wheels and distributed to their gatheringplace.
  • Distribution of thousands of cups of drinking water.
  • Distribution of fruit juice, fruit and tea at different times of the day.
  • Envoi specialized wheels for cleaning with a frame to help clean the square and its surroundings.
  • A number ofwater points have been opened and deployed on the perimeter of the square to provide drinking water to the protesters.
  • The treatment of all cases, whether by protesters or members of the security forces at Al Kafeel Hospital and free of charge.
  • Open a tent for training and medicalambulance, to train protesters in first aid methods, in addition to helping rescue protesters.
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